Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Facebook and Instagram have become incredibly powerful advertising marketing platforms for businesses in the 21 century. With over 2 billion monthly active users browsing over 2 hours per day, Facebook and Instagram are one of the most effective and efficient ways for brands to target their ideal customer, ensuring higher brand visibility and generating more sales.
The major benefit of Facebook and Instagram advertising is the ability to combine users’ demographics, interests and behaviors, and place particular ads before specific groups of people who would be interested in the product or service.
The very specific targeting means that you can easily interact with the people most likely to convert, whether that’s a purchase, sign up, or something else.


Why advertise on Facebook and Instagram?


There are a lot of good reasons to invest both time and money into Facebook and Instagram Ads. Advertising on both social media platforms is extremely affordable and scalable, regardless of whether you're a business that's just getting started on social media or a business that's looking for new ways to grow. Offering the most targeted form of advertising, It is a tremendous way to increase exposure and traffic for your brand, create loyal customers, and generate more leads and sales. Advertising on Facebook and Instagram can also be the main source to market your products or services and increase your exposure to potential customers.

What are the Benefits of Facebook and Instagram Advertising?

- Build ads around your goals - Facebook’s advertising platform lets you create ads based on any specific objective, each of which is categorized by stages in a basic marketing funnel - Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. Knowing which is the right objective for your campaign will let you build your ads to the best possible effect, meet KPIs and generate a rock-solid ROI.
- Advanced Targeting - Facebook allows you to target a highly specific audience with remarkable precision, based on demographics such as age, gender, location, income, interests, occupation, income and many more. This helps make sure that the people seeing your ad are the ones who are willing to engage with your brand and buy your product or service.
- Insights - Facebook has a powerful insights tool that allows you to dive deep into your ads to see what is working. It also does a great job of tracking a wide variety of statistics to help you understand the ad performance and optimize the campaigns over time. With the Facebook Pixel installed on the site, you can track everything from Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), impressions, engagements, audience demographics, reach and many more.
- Retargeting - Facebook Remarketing is one of the most efficient ways to have a big impact on a business. It can also deliver immediate results. Retargeting offers the ability to re-engage with people who have interacted with your brand and have taken a certain action on your website or on social media but didn't convert. This type of audiences is called The reason why Retargeting works so well is that it allows you to focus on the people who are already aware of your brand (Custom Audiences) and remind them how great your product is and why buying it is the right decision.
- Huge Mobile Audience - Over 2 billion people use Facebook. Over 80% of these users access Facebook from a mobile device. It is vital for businesses to understand that well-optimized and user-friendly ads designed for mobile can be an indicator of delivering continuous results over time.
- Facebook Advertising is The Cheapest and Most Cost-Effective form of advertising.

What Our Facebook Advertising Services Include

Our services include everything you need in order to achieve fantastic results:

1. Ad Account Audit and Strategy Development

We start with conducting a comprehensive ad account audit which can help us identify areas for improvement and develop a strategy that aligns with your objectives.

2. Full Campaign Structure

Most of the Facebook ad campaigns we create follow our unique CBO structure. This allows us to run multiple ads and test different variables, so we can find out what works best, optimise the results and improve future campaigns.

3. Extensive Audience Research

We use your knowledge of your ideal customer, along with Facebook audience insights tool and conduct competitor analysis to perform extensive audience research. Through this research we can split test different audiences against each other to discover which ones deliver the best results based on your campaign goal.

4. Audience Creation

Where possible, we use your available data to create custom audiences and lookalike audiences that can be targeted to generate more sales, raise awareness and increase website traffic. We also create the framework within your ad account for newly engaged audiences to automatically be added to retargeting lists.

5. Facebook Pixel Tracking

We set up all the necessary Pixel tracking within your Facebook ad account and install it on your website, ensuring it tracks events correctly.

6. Location Targeting

By targeting the area in which your business operates, and where most of your customers come from, we will establish the best locations to advertise to. This will include predicted audience size and the products and services you offer.

7. Placement Targeting

We use campaign data and engagement reports to assess how well each placement is performing and make sure we reduce the ad cost and increase Click-Through Rate.

8. Ad Creation

We use your best creatives such as videos, images, slideshow videos, audiograms and use our copywriting experience to create a range of high-converting ads.

9. Ad Testing

We monitor the performance of each ad, kill the ones that are underperforming and create new ads to test against the best performing ones. We like to continually test new audiences and ad creatives as we know these are often areas that can make a big difference to your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

10. Analysing and Reporting

We constantly analyse and report the performance of the campaigns to evaluate the ROI and outline how we can meet the KPIs and lower the CPA even further. We also make recommendations and improvements along the way to guarantee profitable results.

11. Ongoing Management and Optimization

Once the campaigns are live and running, we continually monitor and optimise them, making improvements on the performance. This helps to lower the campaign CPA (Cost-Per-Acquisition), increase ROAS and generate more revenue.

12. Strategic Ad Adjustments

We make any necessary strategic adjustments, including new campaign and sales funnel creation to ensure your Facebook advertising campaigns are delivering the best results possible.


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